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Areas of Expertise: Real Estate; Corporate and M&A (with regard to: listing procedures; companies and assets restructuring; mergers and acquisitions of both domestic and foreign public listed or private companies; and corporate litigation); Capital Markets (In particular: bonds issuance and other equity instruments related transactions); Intellectual Property (with specific regard to: IP registration and other means of protection; IP licensing and other IP related transactions).

Li Yaxuan recently advised and provided assistance to: Shenzhen Joint Equity Exchange Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Cultural Property Limited; Shandong Weifang Cultural Property Limited; In the deep of the commercial investment co., Ltd.; Kai 德 in Guangdong area project (Singapore's legal advisor for the built-in investment projects); 1D Real Time (Shanghai) cosmetic co., Ltd.; Osmanthus Xuan restaurant group co., Ltd.; and Shenzhen al-Internet Financial Services Limited Legal Advisor.

Li Yaxuan, acting as a member of a team of advisors, recently participated to: the deal, relating to the acquisition of assets, between the United States and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.; the acquisition of the gloss of Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd.; the deal between Shenzhen apricot stone peak, Orchid Pavilion, polypropylene containers, prosperous and Xin Sheng Cultural Investment Center (limited partnership) works of art investment funds; The structuring of Shenzhen investment enterprises (limited partnership) private equity investment fund

Li Yaxuan also took part as advisors, in equity transactions and operations of listing of the following companies: Shenzhen Ho-ling; Shenzhen Yee Fung Automation Technology Co., Ltd; Shenzhen Sinoway, The Jiangmen City, Chen village market will be leather co., ltd.; Shenzhen Jing js Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Yaxuan also acted as advisor for the following no profit and public entities or initiatives: Shenzhen Futian petition; Shenzhen Futian District of Honey Lake; Shenzhen Futian District of Honey Lake; Street office of the Legal Adviser; Shenzhen Baoan District People's mediation legal services; Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee of special legal counsel


Xiamen University, Civil and Commercial Law