Panel discussion: Green Economy and Blockchain

dal 30 al 30 luglio 2020


1:00 pm UK time • Online Fundraising at LATOKEN

1:15 pm UK time • Panel discussion: Green Economy and Blockchain

- What benefits can blockchain bring to the Green Economy?
- What blockchain applications are possible and useful in the Green Economy?
- How can blockchain make finance "greener"?
- Cryptocurrencies are still a high-risk investment. Is it possible to implement a virtuous transition that can make them equivalent to a safe asset?
- What are the problems to be solved by integration of the blockchain into the Green Economy?
- Is there a way to make blockchain distributed ledgers and related smart contracts legally valid as well as officially localized ledgers?
- Can blockchain help in engaging the public in active and substantial environmental safeguarding actions?


Nicolino Gentile , Partner at BLB Law Firm
• Pablo Do Vale , CEO & Founder at GarbageGold
• Andrea Bellacicca, CTO & Partner at Nexid Edge
• Chapman Woodriff, Web Consultant at TIST Program
• Roberto Melaragno, Head of Business Development at ArgoLands

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