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Sede di lavoro Shenzhen

Consiglio dell'Ordine Executive Committee - China Commercial Law Firm - Huashang

Aree di attività

Areas of Expertise: Finance and Capital Markets (in particular: finance and structured finance operations; securities listing; and venture capital/private equity fund transactions); Corporate and M&A (with regard to: stocks and other assets acquisitions; corporate restructuring in relation to both state-owned and private companies; public listed and private companies acquisitions; and corporate litigation); IP Law (with specific regard to: IP registration and other protection strategies; IP licensing and other IP related transactions; IP portfolio management; and IP litigation); Real Estate; Criminal Law (with particular reference to: smuggling, drug trafficking, corruption and bribery crimes).

Work Experience: 2007 - Guangdong Chinese Law Firm Senior Partner - Lawyer; 2008 - Tianma Microelectronics co., ltd. - General Counsel; 2009 - China baoan group co., ltd. - General Counsel; 2011 - Yueyang Municipal Government Shenzhen Office of the Legal Counsel.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Civil and Commercial Law, PHD

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ph.D.

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Publications: The Investment Guarantee Corporation risk prevention and development; The company's risk control research on legal issues; The employing units shall have no fixed term labor contract of the Policy Address; The litigants in civil proceedings, the right to security; The non-conventional trademark protection of the law; The secured property rights regime on a number of issues explored; The China Trademark Registration for non-traditional measures of protection; The shallow parse database of intellectual property protection, and on the impact of our country.