BLB Start Up

Starting a business requires the determination of the necessary steps for its development and the identification of the best shapes and solutions; furthermore, it is necessary to comply with a variety of specific legal, fiscal, bureaucratic, and labour requirements. Even though it is true that over 1000 new businesses are born everyday in Italy, it also true that a high number of the new-borns don’t reach their fifth year.

Every day in Italy, over 1.000
new businesses are born.

The possible causes are certainly to be found in the absence of a serious strategy and business planning and sufficient market studies, in a rough handling, as well as in an incorrect assessment of the financial requirements needed to keep the company alive.

Today, businesses and start-ups have to deal with all these issues and management in a legal reality in rapid and constant change. Starting a business, be it small or medium-size, therefore, is not necessarily always straightforward and requires the assistance of experts in the field.

BLB Law Firm has developed a comprehensive support system, precise and continuous, dedicated to young entrepreneurs who want to build a start-up, thanks to a team of professionals able to assess in advance the feasibility of the business plan and to support and follow entrepreneurs in all steps necessary for starting the new company, ensuring maximum competence and experience.

A great opportunity for
your business idea.

In the birth of a concrete business plan we come across, in fact, a huge amount of information and options that should be considered from the outset, on both strategic and operational levels, to pave the way for your business. One of the crucial moments in the process of start-up is represented by the choice of the most appropriate legal form to meet the characteristics of the business.

One of the crucial points:
the legal form.

The professionals involved are constantly updated on the developments of the law and practice, and facilitation regarding the start-up and corporate vehicles more affordable for the business project. The customer will be assisted, depending on the needs voiced, by our lawyers and, under specific agreements with other professionals, by accountants, tax experts, experts in management, business planning, fund raising, communication and web engineering.

In this area there is also space for environmental issues, the development of sustainable energy and the green economy, which are for sure some of the most important challenges for the future of the planet. We developed and we can count on a major network of collaborations and a high level of competence in the field, offering our cooperation to Italian and international entrepreneurs active in the field of wind energy and photovoltaic.


The term Start-up is used to indicate the initial development phase of a newly incorporated company that is presented on the market for the first time, or of an already existing company that is launched again on the market after having been acquired and restructured. The start-up phenomenon is constantly growing today in Italy and is able to communicate the vitality and frequent changes in the labour market. This activity cannot come from improvisation. The right approach together with a strong motivation and technical expertise are crucial in order to transform an idea in a practical and successful business.

What definition do we give to the term Start-up? A start-up is a business built on the innovative idea of new entrepreneurs, frequently in the technology field, characterized by a restrained budget but with a high development potential.