The Firm

We founded BLB Law Firm in 2008 with the clear and specific intent to change our profession and make it closer to the entrepreneurs and the market; in particular, the entrepreneur who wants to innovate, expand and seek new opportunities.

A profession
increasingly closer to
the entrepreneur and the market.

Our ideal customer sees the lawyer like a partner, not just a counsel. We are open to all news and contaminations addressed to the innovation of our and our customers’ work, whether they are start-up, SMEs or listed companies. We carry out our work through an international platform (our desk), that we have built up and which is able to meet any requirement, both local and transnational, in the legal field with a propensity to think from the corporate perspective.

Our professionals are able to carry out their activities in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese languages.
We work together, sharing the problems submitted to us with the right balance between specialization and openness to multidisciplinarity. This allows us to always maintain high the threshold of attention towards the issues on which we work and to ensure the analysis of every aspect for the customer, with the utmost professionalism.
Our team as a whole is recognized and is inspired, on a daily basis, by a precise idea of our work: to make simple what the customer lives as problematic.

We commit ourselves to do this with the utmost rigor, with the greatest attention to detail but without neglecting the needs of speed related to the business of our customers.

Make simple
what the customer
lives as problematic.

We grow together with our customers. With foresight  we desire that our?? group become more cohesive and have more desire to improve. Every day, our customers decide to entrust us with their most valuable assets and we are grateful to them for the challenge that they ask us to deal with.


Do you want to work with us?

BLB Law Firm is a growing reality. For this reason it is looking for interesting professional for all the activities fields. The features we best value in a CV are: university career, possible working experience

both traditional and abroad, foreign languages knowledge and the desire to cultivate the profession with passion.

I present my candidacy for the position of:

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