Legal Technology in 2020 - Forecast by the European Legal Tech Association

The European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) relies on a strong network of influential legal tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond. Therefore, we asked our Board Members and Ambassadors to look back at 2019 to analyse the takeaways of another exciting year for the European legaltech scene, and to share with us a forecast for 2020 with deep insights from their jurisdiction.

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Nicolino Gentile

"I expect a notable growth in the legal tech market in 2020. The legaltech "thing" has finally reached universities, politics, the legal and innovation press and magazines and law professional societies; also legal tech events are well known and participated in. So, legal tech is no longer just something that’s known to big law firms and internal legal departments. VC and startup programmes are becoming interested in legal tech; investment from big players such as consultancies and tech companies is changing the legal tech landscape daily. It is still early days, but 2020 is going to be crucial in the affirmation of legal tech as a leading sector in the innovation and investments market in Italy."

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